How to prevent Excel from converting strings containing the colon character

I am generating csv files, and some cells have the format nn:nnnn , i.e.
digits separated by a colon.
It's not a time format nor a date format, it's just lohjyrfmh0 text cells and I don't want them to
be re-formatted at all.
I've added some logic to How Can I Fix - how to put dragon naturally speaking 12 in windows 8 so it start up automatically.? my code in order to identify if it looks like a legal time format or Fast Solution to Fix Mildew Proof Error a date, and if so, I wrap that string like this ="nn:nnnn".
But I'm not interested in adding those characters to all the
It almost solved my problem, but there are still Fix 5.1.0 – Unknown Address Error 552 Error some cases such as 07:1155 that MS Excel insists to translate it as 1.09375.
Other cells such as 68:0062remain
Is there How to Resolve - Svchost Helper? a way to recognize what strings are going to be calculated or translated?
Even when I type 07:1155 manually it still How to Fix mvoibmer[1].bmp Errors in Windows XP,7,8&8.1? converts it to 1.09375.
It doesn't look as a time nor a date.
I wonder how Excel identifies this vale?
Is there any workaround such as any set-up in MS Excel to tell it not to perform any translation on these kind of text?

Anwsers to the Problem How to prevent Excel from converting strings containing the colon character

Hi SidLevy,

For some reason Excel interpret a string like 07:1155 as a time and translates it to the value.

Excel sees 07:1155 as 7 hours and 1155 minutes, translated to values:

07:00 => 0.291666666666667
1155 minutes => (1155/60)/24 => 0.802083333333333

The sum is 1.09375

It looks as there Fast Solution to Fix esrioutputextensionsui.olb Error is How Can I Fix - Bottom Edge of Page Frame Disappears in Print Preview?
no translation on values like n:00nn or like n:0nnnnn

Checking on the 2 n's after the colon How can I get my Metro UI apps to work without performing a refresh?
(not 00) could be a workaround.



JP Ronse

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