Blue Screen after windows update

I just realized I posted this in the windows 7 forum, so I'm reposting again here.  Sorry, all the other threads I read on Auto Open Document Properties In Word this was in that location as well.
Here is my post:
Where do I even begin....
I've read the other threads on here about the exact same problem I'm having from back in February.  I had this problem back then, tried to troubleshoot it, but gave up, bought a new hard drive to install windows to in order to keep
my old data.  Just last week some time, I ran windows update again, and guess I forgot about my problem 3 months ago, and now I'm stuck again.  I have a hard time believing Once You Have Selected The Data, You Define This Area As A I can't fix this without reformatting and reinstalling windows again, only to run into
this when I run windows update in the future.  Here's what's going on and what I've tried:
After installing a couple windows update, computer needed to restart and when it did, I could no longer connect to the internet, so I downloaded the clicking noise nvidia drivers from nvidia for my 680i SLI mobo.  Upon reboot, blue screen Doug's New Format Cover Letter Of 3-19-2013 after splash, which I cannot get
the stop code for, and it cycles.  Can't boot into Safe mode as even kb and mouse feeze up internet explorer stops working when trying 2 play games and do gifts on facebook? even if I swap for ps/2 ones.  Sometimes freezes at the mup.sys as some people have seen.  Tried booting from CD recovery mode tells me nothing is recognized.  I tried
uninstalling the KB977165 update, but says path not Vlookup 2 Occurance Of Value In String Or Named Range found.  Can't even get into the windows Sharepoint Pie Chart directory.  So, I try going thru to install windows, pressing F8, etc, and when it gets to the drive, there's no repair option, just says the drive is full, damaged,
or unformatted.
So now I hook the drive up as a secondary drive and when I try to access it, it too tells me it's unformatted.  Well, I downloaded testdisk from cgsecurity and it's able to rewrite the partition information so I can access the drive and all the data.  Upon
trying to boot up to the disk again, I get the same blue screen and then the disk is unaccessible when I Sound record play, screen goes black get distourted sounds and then a blue screen hook it up as a secondary again.  It also says the Fat16 boot sector is invalid in testdisk after all this.  I've tried fixing the MBR, but still it gets
to that loading screen, blue screens, and then problems.  I can't quite figure it out, but I'd sure like to so I can either (1) Salvage the drive, files, settings, programs, etc without having to start from scratch or (2) not have this happen again when I
run windows update, as I'm not positive it's the 977165 update.  I sure hope someone out XP PC Can Not Access Shares On Windows Server 2012 Essentials there can help.  I'm not a complete idiot, but I've exhausted all that I can think of.

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